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How to play the piano ? Thoughts about treat to life.

A lot of people ask this question. Someone thinks it's just one - on the contrary.

In fact, it's just hard work, and this work is much harder than the work of a man with a "normal" profession. If only because it is a creative profession, which means that the complexity is because, as everyone knows, people such trades happen "creative crisis" that makes a creative profession is much more complicated.
          Also, of course, is not given to everyone. And fairy tales about what to learn how to play an instrument, you need to go to the teachers - F**k! This is utter nonsense, I like, I play myself, and I play better than any teacher. Yes, and musical notation, too, can learn on their own. And people who say that something of themselves to represent, you just have to train someone. What can I say? In my opinion it is just "small potatoes" (I just remember how these people called the hero of a work's "Crime and Punishment" Rodion Raskolnikov - "loathsome creature") that nothing can be achieved, even when working hard and they would not succeed. Of course - "he can not, do not let the other" as the old Russian proverb. And it's really quite natural. After all, if a person is somewhat screwed up, disillusioned, or just for some reason could not do this or that case, he and you will have the same desire in every way to dissuade you from that, I think that this is primarily a very low and besides, is not wise. Agree, if you have something not work, it does not mean that it will not work with other people? Although the principle of "the talented person is talented in all" very clearly shows all aspects of the problem.
           Generally, first of all that depends on the "brain", as though it did not sound rude. Agree, people who can not do something basic, such as, but simply to speculate intelligently on a particular theme, just can not play a musical instrument, because it requires far more virtuoso, originality, well, first of all, it is quick thinking. After all, if you have your hands on the keys of a piano run with extraordinary speed, this is not the merit of the hands, and especially the brain, after all, he manages all parts of the body remembers and makes calculations.
This implies that not merit your hands, not memory, or something else, namely the brain. A brain can be used as unusual that others will open your mouth and say - "You're a genius!".
        Playing an instrument is no exception. Home to realize that without the work, you know, nothing will be sensible. That would not do, you need to work, just need to work properly, that is, a pleasure. What most people do not succeed, because, as you say, Bill Gates - "The best work is highly paid hobby." And this is true, only a few he likes, from which are enormous fun, and it's nice to earn. And usually, they are people of creative professions.
      So, back to the piano. Currently, there are plenty of courses (for now there is internet) even on the piano, such as services or software onlinepianist.com, Synthesia, where ideas, all the same notes, only to fall clearly on the keyboard, which is much easier game. But, again, makes the game at first glance, for those who are very good at playing the notes, adjust and withdraw from most of these notes, I think it would be unpleasant. Nevertheless, for beginners (fu, how I hate the word "beginner") is a very good option. Only it was not an easy job, but rather as a jeweler, a very laborious, is not the key - a mistake, and immediately pour the melody in a different direction, making your tone is not as melodic. Not in vain is the most difficult piano instrument.
            I also have great respect for what is primarily a very "open" field, explain why. For example, talking to you and how something is very boastful man, he boasts, and the fact that, in principle at the moment is very difficult to verify. Here's an example: "My house is on the roof of the helicopter, it is worth, I always fly on it. '). And for us to verify this information, we have to go to him, something to find out. What example of the piano no. If there are people beginning to say that he is so and-so. Just ask him to play you, and all the cards open. This is a definite plus, but it is something to be surprised by the move. (The impossible is possible)

          What else can I say about this? Of course, no matter how talented you are, and have not been able to still have much to sweat in order of study, or composition of a song. (While writing about ... I compose music, and it comes to me spontaneously, you can see on my channel on http://www.youtube.com/user/Piano1Hand, And by the way, yes, I play with one hand.) What you're smart and talented were not so, will have to work hard.
          Some people are looking for a sort of "truth" they say, if I find her, I have all played at once, it worked (as in general, I think, not only in this area). I may disappoint you - it's not. There is nothing hidden, it is rather self-hypnosis, a defensive reaction to the fact that you can not try a case. Such people can sit for years, and to seek the truth, though, not realizing that the time is coming, and soon, it may be too late to fix anything. For this reason, if you really like some thing (Well, so to really) handle it, give him completely. I know a lot of friends who like to do science (such as physics, algebra), and that people really get moral satisfaction from all this, it is like, it's them, because of this, they are happy, but perhaps the most important thing is not it?

Result: Try to engage in business that you really like, do not try to have no one to equal, tear everything in its path to the goal, and whether it is a piano, or any other industry, and all will be ...

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