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Victory Day !

According to tradition, as always, on the eve of Victory Day in the society, on television and in newspapers again raised discussions and debates on the topic of the Great Patriotic War. The walls of homes, buses and shop windows decorated with posters of congratulations to veterans, a zombie from the "young guard" are preparing to distribute EdRa St. George ribbons and rehearsed smiles on duty for the elderly. Everything is as usual, as usual, and erased, which is absolutely lost in this whole dvizhuhi the very essence of the event, emasculated all content. I somehow thought that in the past few years, the 9 th May is just another red day calendar, one of the many, not much different from other occasions to meet and pobuhat. For flashing Russian tricolors (by which, incidentally, fought the traitor Vlasov - a great "gift" to veterans), ringing speeches of politicians and ostentatious parades noise is not visible poverty and suffering of the veterans - the very people who won, and then the Nazis, which are built on the labor of all benefits, which now took possession of the new Russian a bourgeois "elite", can not see the exploitation of children and grandchildren of the winners, which cover the patriotic nonsense, and almighty spells. Through the efforts of the capitalist government eliminated any mention of the spiritual foundation on which stood the efforts of the Soviet people during the war vroemya - the communist ideology. The past and the memory is strongly distorted and slander. Looking at all this, one wonders about this and it really now the Victory Day celebration? If the holiday is whose, and for whom? And yet, I think, no matter what, the 9th of May - it's not just a date on the calendar and another bourgeois carnival, because people are still alive, then fought in WWII, it's their day, it is their pride. The big question is, what will happen when veterans will not (and they in fact there are very few). How to accept the victory of the war and now the young people, government, public and cultural figures, we will remain after the last veteran to die? Will we know the truth and be proud, or we will present the "truth" of the bourgeois historians and doom to eternal obedience and guilt for imaginary crimes? That's about it, the modern perception of the Great Patriotic War, this article.

The power and politics.
As has become customary in the modern capitalist Russia to the claims of the authorities to gather together all that is possible and can not be related to World War II is difficult to describe one or two simple words. On the one hand, the authorities need at least some reason for pride and historical instrument "unity of the nation" on some common grounds. Hence the talk about the continuity of Russia in relation to the Soviet Union and praise for the Victory Day. But it does not come from the fact that Putin, Medvedev and the whole of Codlea really believe in the continuity - in fact they simply have no choice. What else can unite the nation today, in spite of all the class antagonisms which still has reason for pride, if not the victory over Nazi Germany? Attempts to "instill" new holiday dates associated with the "unity" and "reconciliation" only led to the emergence of a wretched November 4 - the day that the subjugation of modern gitlerofily and other right-wing bigots, which, of course, any unity and reconciliation are not promoted. But victory in 1945 is still proud of all of this, or most, and do not use this to their advantage the power simply can not. First, relying on the victory of people who lived in a different country with completely different political and social system, the authorities now promote and inculcate the sovereign, "the Great" patriotism and love of the modern capitalist Russia. The fact that the Nazis destroyed the Soviet people under the socialist banner, no bother. Second, the problems are solved mutually exclusive: on the one hand, following the track of Russian nationalism, politics strongly emphasize the special contribution to the victory of the Russian people, on the other there and then try to convince all the "dear Russians", which fought all nations equally, and that Modern Russia is not and can not be any ethnic differences. Duplicity and inconsistency, you say? And in all that concerns the Russian government, which is struggling to sit on two chairs - the liberal market and the imperial-nationalist. Grasping for the swinging "first chair" policy begin to expose "the bloody crimes of the communist regime", and now before the dumbfounded townsfolk draw a picture of universal terror perpetrated by Stalin's mad, frightened and did not know how to fight the Red Army, fearing and hating detachments of Soviet power is stronger than the Nazis millions of Gulag prisoners and others, which, of course, can never be in a "civilized" capitalist society. In this case, at the same time continue to be implemented the very market-oriented reforms, which condemn to poverty-stricken half-starved veterans of the life and extinction. However, there is another "chair", the rules of "seats" which dictate the first completely opposite conditions. Thus, Stalin was transformed from a "bloody tyrant" a father of nations, and almost the heir of the empire (the fact that none of the images of Stalin does not correspond to reality, the authorities do not care), have become intimidated by the Red Army almost a soldier of Christ, "defending Russia from western enslavement hordes, and everything else on the list. All of this patchwork of mutually exclusive ideas, images and ideas fed to the people who are so forgotten how to think for themselves, which often takes this a parody of the story at face value.

Why is this happening? Why do people in Russia are ready to accept as truth all crazy version of the Great Patriotic War? First of all, I think this is due to the almost complete lack of connection between generations. Indeed, what unites veterans who fought against fascism, and their grandchildren? By and large, nothing (in this case aside, the left and anti-fascists - activists). It is much more than what divides: these people were born, grew up and lived in two different countries with different political and economic systems, they are absolutely dissimilar values ​​and moral values, they share not only 60 years old, and a historical break. So today, veterans often simply can not tell you about the events, witnesses, and to which they were so that they understand. Many times have seen a meeting of veterans with pupils or students, and every time they left the meeting depressing: the audience sat and listened to stories about the war with empty eyes, obviously thinking about something else and not perceiving that, as mentioned. You can, of course, in this context to talk about the state propaganda aimed at the eradication of a positive perception of the Soviet Union and everything connected with it, but this is not the main reason. No promotion is not in itself capable of destroying a historical memory, unless the people themselves do not want that to happen. The problem of today's gullibility of young people due to the fact that it is ready to accept uncritically the signals sent to it: from advertising, books, movies and the Internet. Systematically by Deaths bourgeois government education contributes to the fact that people have forgotten how to think and analyze, an abundance of useless facts and substitute blurs the essence of phenomena. Recently talked with students 15-16 years old, not that the boys can not imagine the course of the Great Patriotic War, but even the confused battle for Berlin with the defense of the Brest Fortress. What kind of interest and understanding here in general can be said? The problem and the parents of these children, many of whom are willing to spit on his past and accepted with open arms, capitalism and all its attendant "exposure" of communism. Naturally, this is a blow to the perception and understanding of the war, helped the bourgeois historians and politicians to pile up around the fence of the myths and lies. It is interesting in this respect the example of Spain, which still down from generation to generation the stories about grandfathers who fought in the Civil War, many young Spanish anti-fascists, communists and anarchists, have chosen their way just because at one time learned from grandparents and parents about the past of his family. And this is especially important, because in these conditions, the capitalist propaganda is not as strong.

The reflection of the culture war.
Speaking about the willingness to believe in lies and spread it, we can not say a word about cultural figures who played an important role in shaping public opinion. As Lenin said, is the most important art film, so he'll start. The last 20 years in the Russian cinema has dominated the bourgeois view of history and the Great Patriotic War, respectively. Worse yet, not so long ago added the mad priest's motives. What else to expect from the audience, if all the movies about the war he showed persistently poor, feral, filthy Soviet people, sapper shovels kicking against German tanks? Of course, their every move followed a sinister kind of secret police, ready to shoot for any wrong move, and in general, which was stupidly fun to shoot Soviet soldiers, according to the authors of the "film masterpieces." Another "discovery": it turns out, won the war prisoners, cowards and traitors of the penal battalion, and the Communists at this time hiding in the bushes, pointed at his back "Heroes" in detachments and built all sorts of machinations. By the way, maybe the authors of these films do not know, and are unlikely to read the redskin magazine, but it is worth mentioning that more than 70% of the heroes of the Soviet Union were Communists. Well it is, on the note. Do not forget to include even the list of "truths" that are open to us cinema, incompetent commanders and, of course, Satan himself in disguise - Stalin personally honest shot, millions of Russian people. Plus, it had a chance to see a picture of General Vlasov as the wave of a "good guy", yes, selling out the Nazis, who does not happen. But he fought for the "great Russia and against the vampires - the Bolsheviks." The latest incarnation of the universal insanity was vyser Nikita Mikhalkov's "Anticipation" (I'm not talking about completely enchanting "Citadel") - a wild mess of trash about the penal with an iron hand, nurses, Shows the dying of the Red Army and Orthodox snot. There was also a slightly different view on the war, presented mostly in Hollywood films. Even if you do not pay attention to the ravings of a "bloody commissars", their main drawback is that the Americans have portrayed the war as a kind of natural disaster like a tornado, which is taken from somewhere and it is unclear why. The unfortunate soldiers trapped in the center of the cyclone, shows nothing more than victims who are not aware of any as to why they are on the front, nor, for that fight. Very clearly it can be seen in the movie "The Thin Red Line," for example. If you remember something more or less sane, it may be mentioned unless the "Brest Fortress", although it removed most of the Belarusians. As for books about the war, among the mad thrash about penal battalions (in the infantry, and even in the air), the memoirs and recollections of the SS Fuhrer is to provide a series edited by Artem Drabkin, the author's website, "I remember." The site is devoted to biographies of living and the stories first hand of war veterans from all branches of service. The materials collected on the site, and entered into the books that I highly recommend it, just to somehow save the very continuity and connection between generations.

Our Victory Day.
In fact, the most important - this is how he refers to the war and the memory of it, each of us. That each of us makes in order to preserve and convey to others the truth and the feeling of real pride. Approaching the 9th of May, and I congratulate all veterans of the Soviet Red Army, the editors "class hatred" wishes to be worthy of their grandchildren, grandparents in the fight. Our Victory Day is yet to come.

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