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Life in new russia !

Hello guys! Today will share his thoughts about "new" Russia !

From one side, Russians complain - a bright capitalist future has not come yet. Well, that is available to us medicines, clean water, shelter, electricity and other luxury items, without which the great majority of the cost of humanity. We do not kill in the streets, not a bomb, homeless children only slightly more than during the Great Patriotic War, and the elderly, though digging in garbage dumps, but less than in the Yeltsin era, and hunger are still dying. So for a person educated and familiar with the life of our planet all the following will be reduced to a simple phrase, "zazhralis." But to whom it is interesting - the planet, the third world and the weird Asians with Africans? Even if they sweep our yard? We all compare ourselves with the recent past in the face of the Soviet Union and close neighbors in the face of the richest countries in Europe and America (with Greece is already sort of comparison is not fashionable, with Moldova and Serbia as well). So, citizens of Russia are free to travel abroad (although 75% never went to mind the lack of money) to buy iPhones and aypady, foreign cars and appliances. Still, they can go to the polls and rallies. However it soon goes on citizens of Moscow and St. Petersburg .. Well, okay, the other on the Moscow meetings to go too far in politics, they play no role. So, what are the main problems of modern life in Moscow and St. Petersburg ... that is Russia.

A. Inability to do what he likes. More or less a decent salary even in Moscow received a very narrow range of occupations - the officials and managers of parastatal companies, retailers, advertisers and a small circle of technical specialists such as engineers and programmers. If you have the talent of the historian, biologist, mathematician, musician, writer, geologist, agronomist, doctor, teacher or any other - you can either go abroad (if you can, you have a sick grandmother to put to the expense) or to engage in trade, advertising or any of the above technical areas. Well, or get an officer / manager - though it does take a somewhat different kind of talent. Still it is possible to do business - but it is a very rare talent and businessmen themselves, do not privatizers, but real, talk about doing business in our country is very much interesting.

Two. Unavailability of housing. Let's say you're lucky and you have the talent of the programmer. The average salary of a programmer in St. Petersburg - 55 thousand rubles. Let's say you do not have the Soviet apartment, which gave its citizens free of this terrible government of the country (there was still possible to buy at prices relative to wages in the lower order). None of your close does not seriously ill. Are you planning to have an average family - a wife, a couple of children. For more or less normal life (18 square meters. Meters per person of state standards - 72 feet for four) you would need two bedroom apartment. It will cost about 5 million rubles. The minimum percentage of the mortgage - 15% per year. You take a loan for 35 years ... and start paying monthly interest-only loan for 62 500 rubles. Plus, the actual body of the loan. This is more of your salary but somewhat less than the total salary for you and your wife if she is too lucky to be born with the talent of the programmer. However most of the residents of St. Petersburg in reality receives 10-25 thousand rubles.

Cool? Fortunately for the majority of citizens in a democratic Russia rallies for freedom of elections and against the horrors of the Soviet past, they go from the Soviet apartments, donated them to a terrifying the Soviet regime.

Three. Unavailability of normal aging. Today's elderly are in the special case of luck to enjoy the giant pension of 10,000 rubles, but more often they get the 7000, many people get 3-4 thousand. At the same time no one bothers them the money to buy yachts, luxury cottages and football clubs abroad - no oppression, the Soviet Union and not standing next to.

However instead they are forced, at best, if health permits, to work as cleaners or watchmen, because for some reason you want to eat even after eating up all the rent retirement. I walk to work as a cleaning lady once - except for our company on several moonlight.

But the right to choose a president from among two or more candidates it will not take one. And to go abroad, too. By itself it is lucky to be born in St. Petersburg.

But again - the modern pensions are terrible legacy of the Soviet regime. In the future, we expect such generosity is not worth it, anyone can google about the crisis in the pension fund, which is still covered by revenues from high oil prices. 10-15 years, and it can hold on ....

If you are looking to save for retirement - I hasten to make you happy, every year from your savings you should deduct the amount of inflation. In 2008 it was 13% in 2011 - 6%. Simply put your savings in a pension fund or a more or less reliable accounts are subject to risks devaluing the sudden, is constantly shrinking. But even low-risk investments, gradually eaten up by inflation, have a very high probability of default in the long run, because of major economic disasters. What now are the accumulation of 25-year-old in Soviet rubles?

In general, about the age of modern Russians prefer not to think.

4. Unavailability of Medicine. It does not need anything for a long time to paint - just remember always cry on the internet and newspapers - save our child, he was terminally ill and we have no money for his treatment. Cases of real salvation of these children are so rare that they show on TV. Well, of course, if you are an adult, you have no chance of even such a visionary. Even if you're lucky enough to live in Moscow, a member of the small circle of well-paid jobs and so on ... including the mortgage. A relative in the hospital (the only one in St. Petersburg in this direction), for the first 10 days only for the house to pay 8000 rubles. In the free wards are homeless and drug addicts, there is quite normal, if a neighbor in the ward will be up all night to beat in breaking - talking with other female patients, and one said - I'm only a month and I earn 8000)

But you sure are lucky, is not it? Neither you nor your family was seriously ill, and you continue to go to rallies for the sacred right of honest choice of two or more candidates?

Five. The inaccessibility of education. Even if you're lucky enough to live in Moscow and a member of the inner circle .. Well, you get the idea. Even though all of the above that takes you to 10% of Russia's most successful people you do not avoid the total destruction of the education system. CSE, the new school reform, totally stealing and lack of normal teachers (see just above the salaries of teachers). While you are in the best case may be lucky - you give your children an elite school and later into an elite college (I'd like to believe that at least in top universities like MSU has something to teach at least). However, again, see above about the salary - the children should be taught not to, what they have talent, but a very narrow range of occupations for which one can live. But by and large a chance to get a really good education is only one - to send their children to study abroad, as do all the masters of modern Russia. You remember well as a prominent liberal White wept bitterly at this terrible fate - the children he had sent to England? Energetic run to the next meeting of the liberal - heaven forbid you to deprive the right to choose between two or more candidates.

Education expenditures, interest on loan taken - all this must be completed in salary along with the mortgage loan insurance.

6. Security. In this regard, the case in Russia things are surprisingly good, especially compared to the blessed times of 90, which with such nostalgia members of the democratic rallies. Mass ended the slave trade - only managed to sell half a million women in civilized countries, people are not killed on the streets, selling drugs is not so free, as would Mr. Posner and his pokolonniki. However all democratically-minded citizens outraged by this terrible fact, and they are desperately struggling with a terrible dream of the Putin regime and the return of their freedom so desired 90. And no protection from the Orange Revolution, with the return set forth above no joy - it is you do not have the developed countries, where disgruntled kill or imprison hundreds of years.

All of the above combines a simple and very scary thing - the average Russian can not do anything to improve their situation (except for going abroad, not all available). A tip - all this does not apply and will never touch. Xenia Sobchak, German Gref, Nikita Belykh, Garry Kasparov, and they have similar problems such does not and never will be.

And perhaps even more terrifying fact - the average Russian does not want to do anything to improve the situation of his countrymen. The top has been the history of mankind, but that's joyful approval of the citizens of the protesters his own destruction - especially of our time.

Look to the opposition, look at the crowds of happy people ... .. at rallies. Why do they fight? For affordable medicine, in which the children will not die in agony? For improving the lives of the poor old people? For the opportunity to do their work and sell natural ability?

No. They are fighting for fair elections, freedom of speech, freedom from prisons of thieves like Khodorkovsky. People are happy to vote for Prokhorov, known only by the fact that he stole a lot of public money and they walked with prostitutes in European resorts, admire people like Posner, Sobchak, Akunin - regard them as cattle, flawed subhuman.

Basically what is happening in Russia can be called a fair punishment of higher powers - people are happy to throw their ancestors by shit, believe holy traitors, thieves and liars, is pleased to welcome other people's suffering, simply because as a result they can personally consume more sausage (no meat, but with a mass of Chemistry and colorful packaging) right here and now. Perhaps we will go down in history as a unique case of self-destruction of a large and well-developed side without coercion from the outside. While I certainly hope for the best, but it turns out badly, to believe in the future of Russia today is much easier when you have at least the family is outside.

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